Stocks are trapped in a trading range. Something’s got to give.

For better gains in tech stocks from here, look beyond the ‘Magnificent Seven’

Money management for couples 101: The CFO and COO strategy

Has it become easier to beat the market?

Stocks are trapped in a trading range. Something’s got to give.

Five stocks for investors who want to broaden their growth horizons beyond the S&P 500

An Alternative Approach to Investing in Tech Stocks

Technology stocks have become the major players within the S&P 500 index. However, there are other broad indexes that have an even greater concentration of tech giants. If you are looking for better gains within the tech industry, it may be worth considering the "second-tier" tech stocks that are flying under the radar. What makes these stocks even more appealing is that insiders are buying shares, which indicates their confidence in the growth potential.

Aerospace and Defense Companies: A Promising Growth Opportunity

When it comes to rapid sales growth in the aerospace and defense sector, there are 20 stocks that are expected to outperform the S&P 500 through 2025. While companies like Virgin Galactic grab the spotlight, it is crucial not to overlook the potential of industry leaders like Boeing and Airbus. These companies are projected to significantly increase their revenue in the coming years, making them attractive investment options.

Why Large-Cap Stocks Hold Promise for 2023

While small-cap stocks tend to perform well at the start of a year, it is essential to consider alternative options for the rest of 2023. This is where large-cap stocks come into play. These established companies provide more stability and can yield promising returns in the current market climate. If you are looking for specific stock recommendations, we have compiled a list of 10 large-cap stocks that you should consider adding to your portfolio.

In this report, we delve into the stocks and funds that are highly favored among top-performing investment newsletters. By analyzing their recommendations, we can gain valuable insights into potentially profitable investment opportunities. Stay ahead of the game by exploring the investments that top experts are buzzing about.

Remember, successful investing requires a thoughtful approach and understanding of market trends. By considering alternative options beyond the popular "Magnificent Seven" tech stocks, exploring growth opportunities in aerospace and defense, and focusing on large-cap stocks, you can make informed decisions that optimize your investment portfolio.

Money Management for Couples 101: The CFO and COO Strategy

One key aspect of a successful relationship is having clear roles and responsibilities when it comes to managing household finances. By establishing a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and COO (Chief Operations Officer) strategy, couples can effectively handle their money and ensure their relationship thrives.

The Importance of Clear Roles and Responsibilities

When it comes to money, conflicts and misunderstandings can easily arise. By clearly defining roles and responsibilities, couples can avoid unnecessary disagreements and promote open communication. The CFO and COO strategy provides a framework for dividing financial tasks and making joint decisions that benefit both partners.

The CFO Role

The CFO in a relationship takes on the responsibility of overseeing the financial big picture. This includes tasks such as budgeting, investment planning, and tracking overall spending. The CFO analyzes the couple's financial goals and ensures that their decisions align with these objectives. By taking on the CFO role, one partner acts as the primary decision-maker, while keeping the other partner informed and involved in the process.

The COO Role

As the COO, the other partner is responsible for day-to-day financial operations and management. This includes tasks such as bill payments, tracking expenses, and handling routine financial matters. The COO ensures that the couple's financial plan is implemented effectively and makes sure that bills are paid on time. By taking on this role, both partners have a clear understanding of their financial responsibilities and can work together to achieve their shared goals.

Benefits of the CFO and COO Strategy

Implementing the CFO and COO strategy can bring several benefits to a couple's financial management:

  1. Clear Division of Responsibilities: By clearly defining roles, each partner knows what they are responsible for, reducing confusion and potential conflicts.
  2. Effective Communication: Regular discussions between the CFO and COO foster open lines of communication about financial decisions and goals.
  3. Shared Decision-making: While the CFO takes on the primary decision-making role, the COO provides input and is involved in the financial planning process.
  4. Financial Education: Both partners have the opportunity to learn from each other's strengths and gain a better understanding of financial matters.
  5. Financial Stability: With a well-defined strategy in place, couples can work together towards achieving their financial goals and build a solid foundation for their future.


Money management is a crucial aspect of any relationship. By implementing the CFO and COO strategy, couples can establish clear roles and responsibilities when it comes to managing their household finances. This strategy promotes effective communication, shared decision-making, and overall financial stability, ultimately contributing to a thriving and successful relationship.

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