How does the TechBerry platform work?

TechBerry was founded in 2015. In 8 years, it has come a long way from a beginner to a professional, becoming a role model for many. The platform has only strengthened its leadership position in social trading and will not stop there. The main secret of TechBerry's success is the ability to implement valuable innovations quickly. So the platform was one of the first to get the opportunity to use artificial intelligence for data analysis. It collects data from thousands of accounts of real traders and then studies the information in detail. The result is adopting the correct decision, which will maximize the chances of making a profit.

TechBerry is actively developing automated trading. It simplifies the life of traders and provides them with a stable income. The choice of a suitable trading strategy is carried out using the same artificial intelligence. It analyzes the situation on the market and enters only those transactions, the probability of successful completion of which is relatively high. The selected algorithm of actions is used only once, after which the whole process is repeated, considering the changes that have occurred in the Forex market.

Features of cooperation with TechBerry

TechBerry attracts not only beginners but also experienced traders. For each category of clients, the platform has prepared suitable cooperation options that take into account the individual needs of the user. To become a part of the TechBerry project, you must purchase an annual subscription plan. After depositing the required amount, various privileges will become available to the trader, ranging from commission reduction to the ability to trade in automatic mode. In addition, the client is protected against losses, which is rare on other platforms.

TechBerry is attentive to beginners and professionals. First, it helps to take starting steps in the Forex world, and second, it provides an opportunity to increase trading income through integration with the MT4 and MT5 platforms.

Is TechBerry reliable?

TechBerry has been operating for about eight years, during which it has repeatedly proved its reliability. It has continued to exist even under challenging periods when other platforms have stopped working. The reliability of TechBerry is proven by the many positive reviews left by new clients and traders who signed up for cooperation immediately after the platform was founded. Several regulators closely monitor all operations. All of them have an excellent reputation and speak positively about TechBerry. Also, reasonable proof of the platform's reliability is cooperation with status brokers who are known worldwide.

TechBerry pays much attention to security issues. Thanks to this, customers do not have to worry about the safety of the personal data specified during registration. Also, everything runs smoothly with money on user accounts. They are reliably protected from any attempts by fraudsters to enrich themselves illegally.

What does TechBerry give customers?

TechBerry is an advanced platform that actively exploits modern developments. The artificial intelligence it uses enables clients to automate trading and increase the likelihood of successful closing of transactions. The latter is achieved by reducing the influence of a person on the trading process and reducing the number of mistakes made.

Thanks to the capabilities of TechBerry, traders eliminate the need to do tedious analytical work. This saves a lot of time and effort that can be spent on more enjoyable activities. At the same time, the final results of automatic trading become better than when working manually. Also, traders who have chosen TechBerry save many nerve cells that are inevitably spent when trading on Forex on their own.

Current rates

One of TechBerry's main goals is to make automated trading accessible to everyone. To do this, all platform clients are offered seven different tariff plans, each intended for a specific category of users.

The annual cost of current tariffs:

•        "White" - $9;

•        "Green" - $19;

•        "Silver" - $99;

•        "Gold" - $199;

•        "Platinum" - $299;

•        "Diamond" - $399;

•        "Infinite" - $499.

TechBerry's prices are low compared to competitors. This feature makes the platform popular all over the world. TechBerry is also surprised by its low commission percentage, which is typical for each tariff. By choosing the cheapest subscription option, the client will lose 45% of the amount earned and the most expensive - 15%.

All current tariffs differ in the percentage of trading losses compensation. It equals 40%-100%, which is inaccessible to traders using different platforms. It is open in all taxes except "White" and "Green." among the useful additional features, TechBerry clients can access real-time trading monitoring. In addition, in the four most expensive subscription options, there is the possibility of contacting a personal manager.

It is necessary to get acquainted with TechBerry and its capabilities. All traders registered on the platform have access to a 14-day free Trial plan. Also, within two weeks, users can experiment with settings and choose a variety of trading strategies.

Advantages and disadvantages

If a platform has a vast number of advantages and a minimum of disadvantages, then its name will be TechBerry. It is popular with traders of all levels of Forex trading experience and has received many positive reviews.

Key advantages:

Pros Cons
good reputation only two platforms are available for integration
a large number of registered users strict standards of compliance of traders with the requirements of TechBerry
status regulators
reliable protection of accounts
high declared profit


TechBerry is a modern platform that uses cutting-edge developments in artificial intelligence in its work. It simplifies the task of traders by switching trading to automatic mode. This makes it possible to save a lot of time and effort and receive consistently high earnings. Starting cooperation with TechBerry, traders find a reliable partner who will help them stay aware of the world of Forex.

Easy to use and intuitive interface
Real-time market data and analysis
Automated trading strategies
Comprehensive technical indicators and charting tools
Risk management features

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