French mining company Eramet is optimistic about boosting manganese production in Gabon in the coming years. Chairman and CEO Christel Bories expressed this sentiment after a meeting with Gabon's military leader General Brice Clotaire Oligui Nguema in Libreville.

Plans for 2024

According to Bories, the goal is to restore production to the same level as 2022, or even higher, in a challenging market. This development comes after Eramet subsidiary Compagnie Miniere de l'Ogooue (Comilog) had its request to increase manganese production declined by Gabon's Minister of Mines Herve Patrick Opiangah in December.

2023 Output and Future Projections

In September, Comilog stated that it expected manganese output for 2023 to reach 7.5 million metric tons, the same as the previous year. Although Eramet has not officially disclosed its target for manganese output, Gabonese media reports suggest that the company aims to produce between 8 million and 10 million metric tons during the period of 2024-2026.

Role of Manganese in Gabon

Manganese contributes approximately 6% to Gabon's gross domestic product. The mineral is extracted by three companies: Comilog (responsible for 90% of the production), China's Compagnie Industrielle des Mines de Hangzhou, and India's Coalsale through its unit Nouvelle Gabon Mining.

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