Jamie Lee Curtis has made a tremendous impact in the entertainment industry this year and she wants women her age to know that they can do the same. Despite being 64 years old, she has had a remarkable year filled with creative endeavors and success.

From starring in the hit television show "The Bear" to her role in the movie "Haunted Mansion", Curtis has showcased her versatility as an actor. In addition, she is currently working on her next children's book and has taken on a producer role. Reflecting on her journey, Curtis shared, "I have had the most creative life in the last year that I’ve had in my entire life, at 64," as she spoke to Forbes as part of its "50 Over 50" series.

This year, Curtis achieved another major milestone by winning her first Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in the film "Everything Everywhere All at Once". Despite this incredible success, Curtis remains grounded and introspective. She acknowledges the finite nature of life, commenting, "My mother died when she was 76, my father died at 85. I’m 65 this year. It’s going to end sooner than later." She believes that seeing women like her achieving great things in their later years is essential, as it provides inspiration and reassurance.

Curtis is not alone in her sentiments. Other actors have also spoken about the power of pursuing their careers well into their 60s. Michelle Yeoh, an Oscar nominee who co-starred with Curtis in "Everything Everywhere All at Once", shared her own experience during a Golden Globes acceptance speech. Approaching 60, Yeoh initially believed that her career would dwindle as time went on. However, she was pleasantly surprised by the new opportunities that came her way. She stated, "And then along came the best gift."

Growing up with legendary Hollywood stars Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis as her parents, Jamie Lee Curtis has witnessed firsthand the hardships that aging actors face. She has seen her parents, once esteemed in the industry, struggle to find roles as they grew older. Determined not to suffer the same fate, Curtis always contemplated retirement before the industry no longer called for her presence. She shared, "I watched them no longer get to do the work that made them stars... It killed them. And it is heartbreaking. And so I always felt I better get out before they no longer ask me to come."

As Jamie Lee Curtis continues to thrive in her career and redefine aging in Hollywood, she hopes to inspire other women to do the same. Her story serves as a testament to the fact that age should not restrict one's ambitions and dreams. With each passing year, Curtis demonstrates that there are always new possibilities waiting to be discovered.

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