Shares of technology companies experienced a slight decline, although not as severe as the broader market, as investors flocked to artificial intelligence (AI) related stocks in search of gains.

Nvidia, a prominent manufacturer of high-end chips utilized for AI applications, saw its shares reach their highest levels since August, rebounding significantly from a third-quarter selloff. These "high-flying" AI stocks are also poised for impressive earnings growth in the upcoming quarters, according to J.D. Joyce, president of Houston-based financial advisory firm, Joyce Wealth Management.

In a rather unexpected move, Tesla has included a noteworthy clause in the terms of service for its revolutionary electric pickup truck, the Cybertruck. Fine print within the terms states that owners are prohibited from selling or attempting to sell the vehicle within the first year of its delivery.

Meanwhile, Google has recently filed a lawsuit alleging that scammers are exploiting the heightened interest in AI tools among consumers to pilfer the passwords of social media accounts belonging to small businesses in the United States.

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