Former vice president Mike Pence expressed disapproval towards the group of hard-right Republicans who removed Kevin McCarthy from his position as House speaker. Speaking at a national security and foreign policy forum in Washington, D.C., Pence highlighted that chaos is detrimental to America and American families.

Disappointment in Chaos

Upon learning about the historic vote, Pence took a brief pause before sharing his thoughts. He regarded the situation as a distraction from the pressing issues concerning the American people.

"Chaos is never America's friend, and it's certainly not beneficial for struggling American families," Pence stated. "I am deeply disappointed that a few Republicans joined forces with the House Democrats to expel the Speaker of the House."

Tuesday night's vote left no clear path forward, marking an unprecedented moment in American history. Pence, however, anticipated further voting during the week and expressed confidence that McCarthy would eventually be reelected for the position.

The Need for New Leadership

The events that unfolded underscored Pence's belief in the necessity of fresh leadership in Washington. He emphasized that political theatrics in the nation's capital fail to address the genuine concerns faced by the American people. If elected, Pence pledged to prioritize the needs, challenges, opportunities, and future of the American populace.

Despite his commitment, Pence faces an uphill battle for the nomination within a Republican party that remains closely aligned with his former boss, Donald Trump. During the conversation, Pence expressed his opinion that the disorder preceding the vote further solidified the public's desire for new leadership in the White House.

Earlier in the day, Trump also commented on the situation, questioning why Republicans frequently engage in internal conflicts instead of focusing on countering the Radical Left Democrats, whom he accuses of destroying the country. Trump shared these thoughts on his Truth Social network.

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