Canadian National Railway reiterates its commitment to the proposed container transfer facility in southern Ontario, despite a recent court ruling against federal approval for the project.

Importance of Milton Logistic Hub

The rail operator emphasizes that the proposed Milton Logistic Hub, situated west of downtown Toronto, is indispensable for meeting the escalating demand. With Canada's busiest and fastest-growing region in need of additional capacity, CN Rail believes the hub will not only benefit the province but also bolster the Canadian economy.

Environmental Review and Approval

Court Ruling and Setback

However, the Federal Court of Canada recently ruled in favor of Halton Municipalities, asserting that the approval decisions failed to fulfill a duty to protect human health. The court found flaws in the government referral decision and a Cabinet justification decision, deeming that they did not adequately address the project's significant direct adverse environmental effects on human health. Consequently, the court ordered a redetermination after setting aside the decisions.

Concerns Raised by Halton Regional Chair

In response to the court's decision, Halton Regional Chair Gary Carr expressed satisfaction with the ruling, particularly regarding concerns about the health and safety of residents. Halton Municipalities highlighted that the project site is situated within close proximity to over 34,000 residents, one hospital, 12 schools, and two long-term care homes.


Despite the setback, Canadian National Railway remains steadfast in its dedication to advancing the proposed container transfer facility in southern Ontario.

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