Impressive Growth

Shares of artificial-intelligence software company are on a remarkable upswing, gaining over 27% on Monday alone. In the past month, the stock has surged by an impressive 182%, doubling in just five days.

BigBear's Offerings

BigBear specializes in AI software tailored for supply-chain management, digital identity solutions, and national security applications. Recently, the company acquired Pangiam, a provider of AI-based vision systems, for $70 million in stock, adding 61,838,072 shares to its outstanding count. This strategic move has pushed BigBear's market cap slightly above $1 billion.

Financial Expectations

BigBear is set to release its financial results for the December quarter after the trading session ends on Thursday. Analysts are forecasting revenue of $42.8 million for the quarter with an adjusted loss of 5 cents per share. Looking ahead to the March quarter, revenue estimates stand at $42.6 million, with an expected loss of 6 cents per share.

Future Projections

For the year 2024, market consensus suggests that BigBear will generate sales of $174 million, accompanied by an adjusted loss of 21 cents per share.

Silence Amid Stock Surge

Despite the impressive stock performance, declined to comment on the recent market activity when approached for a statement.

(Eric J. Savitz)

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