In a surprising turn of events, the Big Ten Conference has banned Jim Harbaugh from coaching at Michigan for the team's three remaining regular-season games. This decision comes following an alleged sign-stealing scheme that has sent shockwaves through college football.

The discipline was handed down to Harbaugh less than 24 hours before the Wolverines' crucial matchup against No. 9 Penn State. With a record of 9-0, Michigan has the opportunity to secure their third consecutive Big Ten title and potentially win their first national championship since 1997.

Michigan has yet to respond to this ruling, as their plane landed in Pennsylvania shortly before the announcement was made. The team had indicated that they were prepared to take legal action if the conference decided to punish them before a thorough investigation into the allegations took place. Both the NCAA and the Big Ten are currently looking into the claims. However, obtaining a court order before Saturday's game could prove challenging, especially considering the fact that Friday is recognized as a federal holiday for Veteran's Day, and courts are closed.

The Big Ten Conference stated that Michigan had violated its sportsmanship policy by conducting an impermissible in-person scouting operation over multiple years. This operation allegedly provided the Wolverines with an unfair competitive advantage that compromised the integrity of competition. As a result, Michigan must play without Harbaugh for their upcoming games against Penn State, Maryland, and their annual clash with rival and No. 3 ranked Ohio State. While Harbaugh is still allowed to participate in practices and other team activities, he will not be permitted to be present at the game venue.

This ban brings a new layer of complexity to Michigan's already challenging season. The team will need to adjust to this unexpected setback as they continue their quest for a conference title and a chance at a national championship. The absence of Harbaugh will undoubtedly be felt, but the Wolverines are determined to overcome this obstacle and emerge victorious.

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