Super Micro Computer Inc.'s impressive stock performance has hit a bump, signaling an end to its longest winning streak in over seven years.

The server maker's shares had soared by almost 200% in just one month, reaching a remarkable 900% on a 12-month basis. The enthusiasm surrounding Super Micro's potential in the artificial intelligence field has captivated Wall Street. However, analyst Aaron Rakers from Wells Fargo believes that this excitement may already be factored into the stock's price.

Rakers has initiated coverage of Super Micro shares with an equal-weight rating and set a target price of $960. According to him, the stock is already factoring in the possibility of earning upwards of $40 per share by 2025.

The recent midday action saw Super Micro's stock declining by about 12%, breaking its impressive nine-session winning streak. This streak was the longest since another nine-session period of gains that ended on August 1, 2016, according to Dow Jones Market Data.

Super Micro: A Standout in the AI Industry


Engineering-First Differentiation

Super Micro's engineering-first mindset has played a pivotal role in its triumphs thus far. In fact, the company has consistently allocated a substantial portion of its workforce to research and development roles, ranging from 40% to 50%. This deliberate emphasis on technology has set Super Micro apart, enabling it to navigate the rapidly evolving industry landscape with ease.

Sustainable Culture

The engineering-first ethos at Super Micro appears to be sustainable and adaptable. Experts anticipate that the demand for diverse silicon solutions and increased data-center complexity will only surge in the future. Super Micro's outstanding track record suggests that the company is well-positioned to capitalize on these trends and continually set new industry standards.

Liquid Cooling: An Emerging Necessity

As AI workloads become more demanding, power requirements have intensified. This change has highlighted the significance of Super Micro's liquid-cooling offerings. Combining liquid cooling with in-house power supply development has proven to be a competitive advantage for the company. This integrated approach not only enhances performance but also ensures efficiency in tackling the challenges posed by AI operations.

Potential for Growth

Despite liquid cooling being relatively nascent in deployment, Super Micro has noted a growing interest among data center customers. Approximately 205 customers have expressed curiosity about the need for liquid cooling deployments. As a result, the company anticipates a significant boost of 10% to 20% in average selling prices for liquid-cooled systems, compared to their air-cooled counterparts.


Super Micro's exceptional performance in the AI sector is a testament to their forward-thinking approach and relentless dedication to engineering excellence. As the company continues to push boundaries and embrace emerging technologies, it sets itself apart from its competitors. With liquid cooling poised to play a larger role in the industry, Super Micro's innovative solutions position them well for sustained success.

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