Czech Republic-based renewable energy producer Solar Global has announced that it has begun operations of its first industrial electrolyzer to produce green hydrogen at scale. The electrolyzer, which has been operating under test conditions since June, is located at the company's headquarters in Napajedlý, in the southeast Czech Republic.

Green Hydrogen Production Capacity and Key Details

The 230 kilowatts (kW) industrial electrolyzer has a lifetime of 50,000 hours of operation and has the potential to produce an annual output of 29,900 kilograms of hydrogen. By utilizing only renewable energy sources, the electrolyzer can produce approximately 8,000 kilograms of green hydrogen per year. It will primarily rely on energy from a nearby solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant that has a capacity of 611 kilowatt peak (kWp).

Utilization of Green Hydrogen and Future Plans

Initially, Solar Global aims to utilize the green hydrogen produced for energy storage purposes. However, within two years, the company plans to establish a hydrogen filling station for hydrogen-powered cars on its premises. This station will enable passenger cars to be refueled in less than 8 minutes. Additionally, apart from producing hydrogen, the electrolyzer will also generate emission-free oxygen.

Support from the European Modernization Fund

The creation of this first energy system for industrial green hydrogen production was made possible with the support of the European Modernization Fund. This fund is a financial program designed to aid ten lower-income EU Member States in their energy transition efforts.

Solar Global's Renewable Energy Projects in the Czech Republic

Solar Global, since 2009, has successfully implemented over 140 photovoltaic power plant projects in the Czech Republic. These projects have a combined capacity exceeding 100 MWp, with some still fully operational. Moreover, as part of the Modernization Fund, Solar Global has received support for 47 projects related to PV power plants, battery systems, and a pilot electrolyzer project for green hydrogen production.

Czech Republic's Climate and Energy Plan

The Czech Republic has recently adopted a climate and energy plan that emphasizes the role of hydrogen as a sustainable alternative to natural gas. The country aims to produce up to 32,000 metric tons of hydrogen by 2030.

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