Signal Factory review

It is often challenging for traders to independently predict the different dynamics of changes in the price of various assets. In this case, the best Forex signals will come to their aid. With their help, it will be possible to wait for the optimal moment to start and end trading. Signal Factory is a good supplier of such tools, so you have no right to ignore its review.

About Signal Factory

One of the most unusual providers is Signal Factory. He provides signals that help conduct successful transactions on the exchange. The company was founded relatively recently. It brought together several professional traders who wanted to help beginners make money on Forex selflessly. Almost all services are provided free of charge, with no analogs among providers of trading instruments. This Forex signals provider is registered in the UK. More detailed information about the location, the team composition, and the foundation time is not indicated in any reliable source. Despite this, the company has about 50 thousand customers, and their number is constantly increasing. This can only suggest that Signal Factory is doing its job well.

The vendor delivers up to 20 signals to traders every 24 hours. All these hints are as detailed as possible, simplifying copying them to the used trading terminal. Alerts are sent to clients by email and duplicated on a particular Telegram channel. Other positives include the popularity of the Signal Factory page on Facebook and Twitter. Users often use these social networks to communicate with company representatives and discuss controversial issues.

Important nuances

Signal Factory is a good vendor and a pleasure to deal with. The proof of this is the ease of use of trading signals for various operations in the market. The whole process includes several essential steps, which are not recommended to be skipped. You do not need to register to use the signals, which simplifies the work as much as possible. Also, you do not need to transfer your personal data to cooperate with Signal Factory.


  1. Go to the Telegram channel or pages on Facebook and Twitter.
  2. New signals are published every hour, which the company's traders generate. The latter themselves carry out various operations on the stock exchange. If one of the traders is at a loss due to his decisions for a certain period, then his signals will not be displayed. This will continue until his income begins to grow again.
  3. Please select the appropriate signals and copy them to the trading platform.

If you are interested in Signal Factory, you need to take a closer look at the activities of this company. To do this, you should study the features of the work and the nuances of using its trading signals.

Features of cooperation:

No costs Raiders who use the services of Signal Factory do not spend a single cent for the signals they receive. In addition, they are not even charged a commission and a percentage of the total profit. All this is ideal for beginners who are not ready to spend much money on Forex.
Accuracy According to traders' reviews, most of the signals are pretty accurate. At the same time, do not forget that each hint is only the personal opinion of a particular trader and not a whole team of analysts. Because of this, the probability of a negative outcome is much higher than that of paid signals.
Communication with the company Signal Factory does not have full customer support. At the same time, traders can contact company representatives through social networks or Telegram. Using the phone number specified in the Facebook account is also possible. Chat, e-mail, and other means of communication are not provided.
Guarantees The Signal Factory team points out that they do not give any warranties to traders. Therefore, to use the provided signals or not, everyone must decide for themselves. Also, the company is not responsible for the user's financial losses from using a particular trading instrument.
Additional services The services of the company can be used free of charge. However, if you wish, you can purchase a few valuable add-ons. Among them is a news package for $49.99. After payment, your Telegram will receive information about economic events at a given time. In addition, for $199.99, it is possible to use an advisor's services. Little information is known about it, so you will have to purchase this add-on at your peril and risk.
Information In its Telegram channel, Signal Factory publishes many articles on economic topics. Also, users are provided with sufficient educational materials to help them choose the optimal trading strategy and learn how to make money on Forex.

Advantages and disadvantages

A mandatory review point for any signal provider is a description of the pros and cons. Signal Factory is no exception. This company has many more positive qualities than negative ones, so its popularity is growing daily.

Exchanges Supported
Customer Support

Key benefits:

Pros Cons
Most services are free Very little information about the company
The affordable price of valuable additions Insufficient transparency of all actions
Constant expansion of the client base Absence of any guarantees
Signals with detailed information about the deal
Convenient channel in Telegram
Availability of Facebook and Twitter accounts
Ease of communication with company representatives
The ability to work on any device
High declared signal accuracy
Publications on economic topics
A lot of good reviews

Many Forex signals providers bring a particular variety and give traders the right to choose. At the same time, the process of finding suitable tools becomes difficult. To avoid wasting precious time, you need to use the services of Forex Signal Factory. This company provides clients with accurate signals and helps to get good earnings.

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