IsoEnergy and Consolidated Uranium have reached an agreement to merge, forming one of the largest uranium companies in the world. The new combined company will have projects in key uranium jurisdictions, establishing a strong global presence.

Under the terms of the deal, IsoEnergy will acquire all outstanding common shares of Consolidated Uranium at a ratio of 0.5 IsoEnergy shares for each Consolidated Uranium share. This share-for-share merger is expected to result in an estimated equity value of approximately 903.5 million Canadian dollars ($668.4 million).

Upon completion of the merger, existing shareholders of IsoEnergy and Consolidated Uranium will own 70.5% and 29.5% of the new company, respectively. This partnership will bring together projects in Canada's Athabasca Basin and fully permitted uranium mines in the U.S., positioning the company for significant growth.

In addition to its North American projects, the merged company will also have exposure to exploration opportunities in Australia and Argentina. This diversified pipeline of properties will expand the company's reach and potential.

The merger will elevate the new company into the top 10 publicly traded uranium focused companies globally. This strategic move will enhance their access to capital, improve trading liquidity, and strengthen their ability to pursue future mergers and acquisitions.

Consolidated Uranium Chairman and Chief Executive, Philip Williams, will assume the role of CEO for the newly formed company. Graham du Preez, current CFO of IsoEnergy, will continue in his role, while Marty Tunney, the present COO of Consolidated Energy, will be the COO of the merged entity.

This merger marks a significant milestone for both IsoEnergy and Consolidated Uranium, propelling them towards greater success and opportunities in the uranium sector.

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