Threats and Appeals

According to a statement from the Colorado State Patrol, "The CSP and DPD are treating this incident seriously, but at this time, it is believed that this is not associated with previous threats to the Colorado Supreme Court Justices." (CSP refers to the Colorado State Patrol, while DPD stands for Denver Police Department.)

Car Wreck and Intrusion

The incident began with a car wreck near the Colorado Supreme Court building in downtown Denver around 1:15 a.m. Following the collision, the suspect, identified as 44-year-old Brandon Olsen, allegedly pointed a handgun at the other driver involved. Subsequently, Olsen proceeded to shoot his way into the Ralph Carr Colorado Justice Center through a window. This building serves as the home of the state's Supreme Court and encompasses several courtrooms and administrative offices.

Ongoing Legal Proceedings

Olsen is set to appear in court tomorrow, although court documents do not list an attorney representing him. As the investigation continues, more details may emerge regarding the motives behind this shocking incident.

Unarmed Gunman Arrested After Disturbance at State Building

In a recent incident, a man identified as Olsen managed to gain entry into a state building by confrontating an unarmed security guard and obtaining a key. Once inside, he proceeded to the seventh floor where he discharged several shots and allegedly started a fire. This triggered the building's fire extinguishers, as reported in the Denver Police affidavit that supported Olsen's arrest.

At approximately 3 a.m., Olsen dialed emergency services and promptly surrendered himself to the police. Fortunately, no individuals within the building sustained any injuries.

In the aftermath of the incident, a shattered window was observed on the ground floor of the building. Glass fragments were scattered on the sidewalk along a bustling street in downtown. A vigilant state patrol trooper was assigned to guard the affected area.

The state patrol, responsible for security not only at this particular building but also at neighboring state structures such as the Capitol, has taken measures to enhance the security of the Supreme Court justices following this incident. While specifics remain undisclosed, the patrol collaborates closely with unarmed security officers who can summon armed state patrol officers stationed nearby if necessary.

"Our security personnel work seamlessly together," clarified Trooper Gabriel Moltrer, a spokesperson for the state patrol.

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