Wave of Violence Continues in Ecuador

Quito — Fernando Villavicencio, a prominent Ecuadorian presidential candidate, was tragically shot and killed on Wednesday during a political rally in Quito, the country's capital. The incident adds to the alarming surge of violence in the South American nation, where drug trafficking and violent killings are on the rise.

Justice Will Prevail

President Guillermo Lasso expressed his determination to bring the culprits to justice, stating, "I assure you that this crime will not go unpunished. Organized crime has gone too far, but they will feel the full weight of the law."

Shocking Video Footage

Videos circulating on social media depict the moment when Villavicencio, protected by guards, exited the event. Shortly after, he entered a white truck and shots were fired.

A Voice Against Corruption

At the age of 59, Villavicencio represented the Build Ecuador Movement during the late August election, where he was one of eight presidential candidates. Throughout his career, he emerged as one of the most vocal critics of corruption, particularly during the tenure of former President Rafael Correa from 2007 to 2017. Villavicencio fearlessly lodged numerous judicial complaints against high-ranking members of Correa's government.

Other Casualties Unconfirmed

A Family Left Behind

Villavicencio leaves behind a grieving family, with his devoted wife and five children.

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