Distil PLC, the London-listed spirits producer, announced a significant increase in revenue for the third quarter. The company experienced a 39% rise in revenue and a 10% increase in volumes, thanks to its successful business remodel in 2022. Distil PLC expects to continue this growth momentum into the fourth quarter of the fiscal year.

Revenue for the quarter ended on December 31st amounted to £571,000 ($725,798), compared to £411,000 in the same period last year. This brings the total revenue for the past nine months to £1.2 million, as opposed to £870,000 during the previous year.

Despite the challenging macro outlook for the spirits market due to increased pressures on consumer spending, Chairman Don Goulding remains optimistic. He stated, "We are encouraged by a positive quarter and the growth achieved year-to-date. Thanks to the flexibility afforded by our business remodel, we are confident that we can continue to build on this growth in Q4, ensuring that our brands and business are well positioned for the new financial year."

This strong performance marks a promising milestone for Distil PLC and sets a solid foundation for future success.

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