CSX, the Jacksonville, Fla.-based railroad, announced that its fourth-quarter profit has decreased by 13%. However, the company managed to haul slightly more freight and maintain the smooth operation of its trains.

Financial Performance

For the quarter, CSX reported earnings of $886 million, or 45 cents per share, down from $1.02 billion, or 49 cents per share, in the same period last year. These results are consistent with analysts' expectations, as indicated by the average of forecasts provided by FactSet Research.

Freight Volume and Service Performance

Despite uncertainties in the economy, CSX experienced a 1% increase in the volume of shipments delivered during the quarter. Moreover, the company achieved the best service performance compared to its industry peers. CSX reported that its trains were moving at an average speed of 18.3 mph, up from 17.5 mph a year ago. Additionally, the time spent by trains in railyards decreased significantly, with an average of only 9.6 hours.

Positive Outlook for Key Sectors

CSX CEO Joe Hinrichs expressed optimism about the demand in crucial sectors for the coming year. Chemical and intermodal shipments show promising signs of growth, while autos, coal, and mineral shipments remain strong. With a stabilized workforce at a healthy level, Hinrichs plans to focus on improving efficiency and service while prioritizing safety.

Focus on Efficiency and Improvements

In lieu of major changes, CSX will concentrate on making incremental improvements. One area of focus is exploring ways to park additional locomotives by lengthening trains and reducing their numbers. Additionally, the company aims to minimize the need to move cars between trains.

Hinrichs emphasized the importance of maintaining safety and service while increasing efficiency: "There are ways we can do things more efficiently without sacrificing safety and service - in fact, even increasing it. And that's one of the things I'm encouraged by."

Positive Outlook for 2022

CSX predicts that both volume and revenue will experience low to mid single-digit growth this year. The company anticipates solid profitability driven by strong pricing, enhanced efficiency, and reduced inflationary pressures.


CSX, one of the largest railroads in the nation, is capitalizing on its reputation for efficiency to further enhance its customer service. As the industry recognizes CSX's exemplary level of service, the company aims to leverage its stability to drive even greater efficiency.

Focus on Efficiency

Jeff Windau, an analyst at Edward Jones, highlighted CSX's dedication to efficiency in a recent research note. He expects the company's management to maintain this focus, demonstrating their commitment to excellence.

Quarterly Performance

CSX reported a slight decline of 1% in quarterly revenue, which amounted to $3.68 billion. However, this figure exceeded the $3.63 billion that analysts had predicted. On the other hand, expenses during the same period increased by 4%, reaching $2.36 billion.

Rail Safety Reforms

The railroad's earnings report coincided with the upcoming one-year anniversary of the Norfolk Southern derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. In response to this incident, Congress and regulators have called for reforms. The industry has taken proactive steps such as installing additional trackside detectors to identify potential issues before they lead to derailments. Furthermore, they have shared valuable insights on utilizing data from these detectors across the entire industry.

Advocating for Safety

CSX anticipates Congress passing a rail safety bill later this year. The company actively engages with lawmakers, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing safety and basing decisions on factual evidence provided by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). CSX aims to shape the final bill to ensure it focuses on genuine safety initiatives rather than personal agendas.


With an extensive network spanning over 20,000 miles across 23 Eastern states and two Canadian provinces, CSX continues to solidify its position as a leading railroad company. By capitalizing on its reputation for efficiency and prioritizing customer service, CSX aims to maintain its industry recognition and drive continuous improvement.

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