Costco Wholesale Corp. has released its impressive fourth-quarter results, surpassing the expectations of Wall Street analysts. However, the company's stock is down 1.7% in premarket trades Wednesday.

Challenges Faced by Costco Shares

According to Oppenheimer analyst Rupesh Parikh, it is not unusual for Costco shares to face challenges after earnings announcements. In a note released on Tuesday, Parikh mentioned that the absence of a membership fee increase could impact the stock on Wednesday. Despite this setback, Parikh still believes that Costco remains a top pick. He is optimistic about a potential membership fee increase and a special dividend in the future, which he thinks could serve as positive catalysts for the company. Oppenheimer has maintained its outperform rating for Costco.

Membership Fee Increase in the Pipeline?

During the conference call to discuss the fourth-quarter results, Costco CFO Richard Galanti was asked about the possibility of a membership price increase in the upcoming fiscal year. Galanti responded by stating that it's not a matter of if, but when the membership fee will be increased. He mentioned that it has been six years since the last increase in June 2017, when Costco raised its basic annual membership by $5 to $60. The executive memberships were also raised from $110 to $120.

Costco CFO Galanti further assured investors that the company's inventory is well-maintained and that thefts have not dramatically increased. Overall, Costco remains confident in its ability to continue delivering strong performance in the coming quarters.

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Costco's Strengths in Current Market Conditions

According to J.P. Morgan analyst Christopher Horvers, owning Costco at this time is advantageous due to a number of factors. Horvers emphasizes the defensiveness of the company, its higher-income consumer base, continuous market share growth, potential ticket upside from general merchandise trends, and the normalization of foreign exchange and gas headwinds.

Best-in-Retail Prices in a Challenging Market

Horvers believes that Costco is well-positioned in the current market, as high gas prices and increasing economic pressures prompt consumers to seek out the company's exceptional retail prices on both gas and merchandise.

Positive Price Target Adjustment

J.P. Morgan has raised its price target for Costco from $525 to $571, reaffirming its overweight rating on the stock.

Strong Membership Model and Growth Potential

Jefferies analyst Corey Tarlowe also expresses confidence in Costco's prospects. The company's defensive nature is attributed to its membership model, which generates consistent sales and profits. Furthermore, Costco's value-oriented approach, higher-income customer base, and significant sales contribution from consumables position it favorably in the market. Tarlowe suggests that potential future membership fee increases could provide additional upside to estimates. Additionally, he believes that Costco is well-positioned to continue gaining market share.

Analyst Ratings

Of the 37 analysts surveyed by FactSet, 25 have assigned an overweight or buy rating, 10 have a hold rating, and two have designated it as underweight.

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